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After-sale service program for operators

Company news
2018/04/29 10:51
1. we promise: the air energy hot water units (including: water tank, heat collector, heat pump engine, etc.) and water opening machine, etc., from the day of acceptance by the acceptance of qualified
2. after the installation of the equipment is completed, our company will arrange special personnel to manage and maintain all the equipment, and listen to the user's allocation at any time. After the acceptance of the equipment, 1 technicians will be sent to the hospital to track the usage every day, free maintenance and maintenance for 3 months.
3. after the installation of the equipment, we will train the property management and maintenance personnel assigned to your school free of charge. The training process is divided into theoretical training and practical operation. The process can be carried out several times to ensure the training of the trainees to learn to operate.
4. after-sales service personnel regularly check the hot water system and water consumption, record and adjust the water temperature according to climate change. Regular system cleaning and sewage disposal, each maintenance, maintenance report to the head of your school.
5. we will carry out life-long maintenance and provide regular inspection and maintenance for the equipment during the warranty period.
C, training plan
A) training arrangements
Regular training: the completion of the project will be given a complete technical training. From May to September, the specific time will be subject to the notification of the company.
Irregular training: according to the characteristics of product installation and maintenance and regional differences, the company will organize irregular training.
B) training objects
It is an installation shop, a maintenance shop technician, a quality information manager and a service supervisor who have an after sales service contract with Guangdong Guangdong crown.
C) training content
1) Handbook of after-sales service management;
2) practical technical manual;
3) the development history, corporate culture and development direction of Guangdong Yue Guan company.
4) basic technology and case analysis of installation and maintenance;
5) installation of service specifications;
6) maintenance service specification;
7) safety operation specification;
8) service concept, service etiquette and service attitude;
9) the explanation of new technology application and the promotion of new products;
Training mode
Class a training: Tour training in key areas throughout the country;
如果服务对象因供应商(经营者)原因而未能实现,则高校有权要求供应商(经营者)限期整改; 高校有权在规定期限内不对供应商(经营者)进行整改。如果服务对象因供应商(经营者)原因而未能实现,则高校有权要求供应商(经营者)限期整改; 高校有权在规定期限内不对供应商(经营者)进行整改。
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