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After-sale service program for operators
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2018-04-29 10:51
1. we promise: the air energy hot water units (including: water tank, heat collector, heat pump engine, etc.) and water opening machine, etc., from the day of acceptance by the acceptance of qualified
In the first quarter, the output of household washing machines dropped by 1.7%.
According to the large database of China Business Industry Research Institute, in March 2018, the output of household washing machines in China was 6 million 582 thousand, down 2.4% from the same peri
The water heater industry has made steady progress and comfortable consumption has spawned billions of cakes.
On April 26, Yue China Home Appliances Association Yuan County Confucius Instructor Religious Economy Industry 发展 部 Directive, China Home Appliances Mainly "Water and Future - 2018 China Hot Water Equ
Trade war between China and the United States: who can't afford to win the war?
A trade war is not beneficial to either side, which should be a consensus. One Two major measures The National Information Center wishes Bao Liang an account: "if the United States levied 25% tariffs
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